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QotD: "Moral panic about homeschooling is an authoritarian tell."

I keep getting emails inviting me to "Join the Illuminati". Maybe I should just set up my own chapter?


CEO : "I read about that Twitter hack. Can that happen to us?"
Security : "Yes, but ..."
CEO : "What products can we buy to prevent this?"
Security : "But ..."
CEO : "Let's call Gartner."
*sobbing sounds*


QotD: "When your enemy tells you that you have no chance and you ought to just surrender, perhaps you should consider that they might, just might, have an ulterior motive?"

Unless your IoT device has a fully documented protocol and a 50 YEAR replacement warranty, it's trash or it's toy.

The S in IoT stands for security.
The W in IoT stands for warranty.
The R in IoT stands for reliability.
The L in IoT stands for longevity.
The T in IoT stands for trash.

"Viktor Pelevin" appears to be the Russian "Scott Alexander".

The modern Комсомо́л are barely worth contempt.

I may be working at now, but was world that really developed my skills and connections.

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10 years of Wow. I remember the exact moment at a social where Monty Taylor told me "We have a name for that thing we've been working on: OpenStack"

Everyplace that you have enabled "login with Twitter" can be p0wned. Enable 2FA. Turn off all your Twitter apps and login-with-Twitter. Consider abandoning Twitter for Mastodon.

How do you eat potato wedges?

With chopsticks, like a civilized person.
With your fingers, like a normal person.
With a fork, like a savage.


The New York Times should just rename itself Teen Vogue and be done with it.


Every few weeks, I learn about another tech corp or media corp that has a culture of bullying employees in internal chat channels, sans consequences. Is this the new normal? Is jrhigh-like online bullying becoming standard corporate culture?

I started understanding the world a lot more when I realized that to now to many (most?) people, they consider ideas to be infectious contagions to be purified away.

Yesterday reading a HN comments by one hater of Because when he read it, it was "implanting" ideas that made him "uncomfortable". <facepalm>

VC people who talk a great game about "changing the world", but push your companies to use dark patterns to goose growth and revenue, do you ever feel any shame? Or do you just think of your 3rd house and 4th Telsa?

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UI / UX people who sneak in Dark Patterns to hit growth goals set by your management or VCs, do you feel any shame? Or is it "not my job" to worry about it? Or do you just think of your stock options?

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