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I am 100% for a points-based "tech worker visa". But the H1B was fully corrupt, and I am darkly suspicious for the apologists for H1B. (cont...)

You do understand, when a satire makes you angry, it's *about* you, right?

Probably because on Mastodon its a much much much more difficult for a low-information tribal hatemob get someone TOSed.

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I have found it to be much more fruitful and educational to disagree with people I disagree with on Mastodon than on Twitter

yesterday I discovered Now I have a bunch of reading to do.

I think I now want a Chroma Green shirt and jacket

I want each book in that box to get to live again as fire in someone else's mind, and no longer being merely a heavy trophy taking up space in my home.

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I've just unpacked, sorted, purged, and shelved 4 large boxes of books. Soon a large box of books will be taken to the local used bookstores.

One of the piece of tech that makes the present better than the past is cyanoacrylate. I just fixed two of Silver's cute mugs, and also a figurine memento that I inherited from my grandmother. They have been on the todo list for several years, and today I got the necessary round toits.

If someone says “I’m against book burning, but...", they are really for book burning, just of books they don't like.

Hey Citrix, howcome Sharefile is not compliant with the NIST password standard 800-63-3 ?

I am annoyed that teams are not "if there is a dot in a team name, verify as DNS". Now there is Yet Another flat top level namespace.

QotD: "a media cohort came of age assuming that the hip, young, educated, urban classes like itself were in permanent ascendance. It did not need to worry about listening to others, venturing beyond coastal corridors, or questioning whether it was really educated or merely branded with mostly mediocre degrees."

"Everyone is more bark than bite till the biting starts"

“No one is more dangerous than he who imagines himself pure in heart: for his purity, by definition, is unassailable.”


RT if you’ve ever compiled a Linux kernel.

Favorite if it needed to be recompiled because you missed a driver :)


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