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Someone is trying to commit unemployment fraud with my SSN. I'm going to have to call the state unemployment office tomorrow to fix it. I recommend you all create an account at your state’s unemployment office to check your account history.

"Skinny Jeans Developers": They know BOTH programming languages: Node.js and Ruby. Everything is JSON, HTTPS, and webhook. When they learn a little SQL, they are "full stack".

@me Dear app developers,

Your app needs to work reasonably without an internet connection and synchronize cleanly when it does.

Sincerely, everybody.

"Non-partisan" does not mean "unbiased". Implying otherwise means you're selling something I ain't buying.


Dear app developers,

Stop opening links in halfway-developed in-app browsers. Just open the link in the default browser.




One of the most interesting things about Lambda School is running into all the little software companies you’ve never heard of quietly pulling in $10m/yr in profit with a team of 25 in some city in Oklahoma you’ve never heard of


"Who bears the pain?" is THE foundational political question, every issue, every time, back to the beginning of humanity. Not "US politics", not "politics today", not "the other party". Its "politics", period.

QotD: "The Things We Do Together never seems to include anything I want to do. And lots of things I don't want done."

People older than 30 who don't have an IT background should not be allowed to pick their own one-factor password.

"Gaze not into the abyss, lest you become a known as in abyss domain expert and people keep expect you to *keep* staring into the damn thing."

Lying about where the goalposts are *is* "moving the goalposts".

Three years ago today, while at OScon, I signed my Amazon offer letter. I had met my future teammates that day, and that helped seal the deal.

“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.” There are no exceptions.

"We design our schools to drive children mad. But instead of questioning the system, we medicate children and double-down on the system that makes them miserable in the first place. " --David Perell

RT Indeed, do and, where is the original code on GitHub?


Mix a drop of sewage in a glass of wine and you get sewage. Add a drop of politics to science and you get politics.

【The old saying is “all models are wrong but some of them are useful.” When a model is being used for public policy decisions, the question is “useful to whom?”】

TIL: the performance of Raymond Scott's "Powerhouse" in the Animaniacs short "Toy Shop Terror" was performed from scratch to hit the timings of the animated cartoon, because the Korean outsourced animation shop had ignored instructions, which was to animate to the timings of the original recording.

That is absolutely amazing, and is a demonstration of virtuoso performance by the musicians and the conductor.

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