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It is always a mistake to believe the available evidence just because it is available.

Wikipedia will not let me edit from work, despite my being logged in.

RT if you've been writing ipv4-centric code for the last decade, you lack awareness of current events and best practices and i'd be concerned about what other ways you'd be bad at your job.

if your codebase is older then that, it probably warrants a review for other reasons anyway


Then I realized... Nobody in power wants the actual true econometrics. The truth serves nobody's interests to gain power.

I used to wonder why the US Dept of Commerce and the US Federal Reserve didn't push for enabling legislation for to get those data feeds, maybe under some statutory confidentiality.

They don't. And the places where they do have real data, it either misses huge swaths of alternatives, or they can't use the data.

People seem to think think that govt economic metrics come from the govt having a data tap into all employers hiring and payroll systems, & into every corporations AR/AP and shipping/stocking data, & into every shipping & logistics company's systems.

RT is deeply saddened to report the passing of Dorothy Catherine “D.C.” Fontana, the legendary writer who brought many of Star Trek’s greatest episodes to life.


... if you have a software or media license from your corp or agency you want an SPDX license tag for, now you know how to build it.

... the SPDX tag for AmaznSL is "". (The dots at .- and -. are important!) So...

... instead I proposed "let's use the DNS!" similar to how Java did namespaces for modules. The others on the SPDX WGs agreed, so...

... my own employer has a standard source-available not-open-source license. Even though I sit on the SPDX WG, I would never ask that they add the AmaznSL to the SPDX central catalog. So...

... there are many more licenses that people need to track then just the open source licenses. But SPDX rightly does not want to track every TomCorp, DickGov, and HarryOrg license. For example...

The SPDX Group maintains a list of "known" open source licenses, with matching short tags, such as "MIT, or "GPL-3.0". They are awesome and I recommend using them. However...


Informed discussion about open source programs, contributions, community and culture — thanks and Max Spevack of


is there an android permission to forbid apps from connecting to the internet?
if not, then there should be!

Not the implication I want to invoke when pushing record into a piece of software. What's wrong with "do"?

I hate the word "submit" in UIs. It is the terminology of humbly abasing yourself and begging a court official to deign to read a piece of paper you paid a scrivener to write for you.

RFC822-date format is stupid and every place its generated should be replaced with RFC3339 format. Everything that then breaks is broken. Fix it.

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