When you use a word to mean everything, it stops meaning anything.

I've learned to keep my teeth together when I see someone confuse the fanfiction with the reality. I can't stop rolling my eyes, though.

Amazon may be a hard company to work for, but every time I see garbage like this in other major tech companies, I am grateful I work where I do.

My answer: "If your VP can't enforce process for Go To Market and Customer Pipeline in his own sales org, he's not the VP. Sounds like this consulting company is actually in charge."

Today's update: "My boss, the VP of Sales, agrees with your advice, but an outside consulting company runs the call, so he can't require or enforce using a doc."

Them: "And there will be no more need for the call!"

Their response "They won't do it, because then they won't be able to hide that they don't know what they are doing and are not getting any actual work done."

"Anyone asking a question answered in the doc gets cut off. All status updates go into the doc."

"Anything thats not on the doc doesn't get talked about. All questions have to be on the doc. All answers get written into the doc."

I took a very Amazon approach: "Make them write a shared doc."

25+ people, talking over each other, giving status reports that say nothing, and asking "you should already know this" foundation questions each time.

A friend of mine was ranting to me yesterday about a hellish daily "touchstone" call they have to be on.

If you want point-to-point with fan-out non-broadcast messaging, email exists already. Using a world-readable publishing protocol and complaining that someone you don't like can read your messages does not warrant sympathy.

It's too sane, and doesn't allow a cohort of eurotrash aristo shits and 3rd world kleptocrats to stomp around like pre-guillotine royalty, thus it will never happen.

Then run the Olympic Games, World Games, World Cup, etc on them. Fund them with voluntary national donations, live event ticket sales, corporate sponsorships, and media streaming rights.

I propose buying an island from Canada for winter games and an island from Indonesia for summer games. Islands for crowd and security control. Pay a South Korean corporation to manage the venue and security. Pay the Octopus consortium to manage the access and payment cards.

For what the western and allied nations have wasted on Olympic & World Cup hosting bullshit, we could have built two full time host cities from scratch.

Oh, another centralized silo from Silicon Valley launched. How original

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