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You can teach an entire semester of how to lie with statistics with the y-axis of this chart.

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Ms 7 wanted to join a meeting and the meeting owner said sure, if she brought an agenda. So she came back with this.

It's fairly universal. Feel free to use it for your own meetings.

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I propose we rename Google messaging services with the year of release, just like a copy of Madden or FIFA.

The provides for easier tracking and better communicates the ~yearly lifecycle of these apps.

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So, @aws@twitter.com has released a new project: ! A Linux-based operating system for running containers on virtual machines or bare metal hosts. Mostly @rustlang@twitter.com code. And here are some @chaoss@twitter.com project metrics about the project obtained with @cauldronio@twitter.com

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THREAD: A brief review of Catch-22 when it comes to and need for more diagnostic screening capability. Hospitals can roll out RT-PCR based test CDC developed. They all have Roche systems to run these tests. The technology is fairly straightforward. Here’s the rub 1/9

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Informed discussion about open source programs, contributions, community and culture — thanks @zahedab@twitter.com and Max Spevack of @awscloud@twitter.com.

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Nice! A new release from @AWSOpen@twitter.com!

✅ @OpenSourceOrg@twitter.com approved license (Apache License 2.0)
✅ On brand for ("Framework Agnostic: Write once, run anywhere")
✅ Super trippy interactive background on the djl.ai/ page (I could do this all day) twitter.com/errcraft/status/12

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Open source from 2010-2020 has seen dramatically more change than 2000-2010 did. You can "blame" the cloud and GitHub. Here's my retrospective on the biggest innovations in open source over the last decade cio.com.au/article/669131/how-

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This is the worst idea I've read in the last 4 days:

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What the fuck? Surely it's less work to move to IPv6

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