I am 100% for a points-based "tech worker visa". But the H1B was fully corrupt, and I am darkly suspicious for the apologists for H1B. (cont...)

At my previous employer, just before I left them, I pointedly walked out of several meetings that were called to "fix" the "erroneous records" that were black letter evidence of over a decade of H1B fraud. (cont...)

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I have literally found myself giving a comforting hug to a near stranger who was working herself to death in terror because she as an H1B was *literally* a "corporate slave" (cont...)

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In that if she got fired, her H1B status would destroy the economic foundation of her immediate and extended family, and would uproot her children back to a country they did not know. (cont...)

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And I have had too many face to face conversations with tech and IT workers who were given the task of training their H1B job shop replacements, before being laid off themselves, (cont...)

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Which is black letter illegal for the H1B visa, but the previous several US administrations did not care, because it was making billions of dollars for a prized and photogenic donor class (cont...)

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