waitwhat, New Jersey wants COBOL programmers to work for FREE?!

If this kills the handshake, I'm completely good with that.

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You can teach an entire semester of how to lie with statistics with the y-axis of this chart.

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I just want to point out that the majority of COBOL programmers are in a demographic that many people were absolutely fine with putting at risk less than a month ago.

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DNS is a distributed, coherent, reliable, hierarchical, autonomous database. existence of data in the DNS should be a matter of polite general cooperation.

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For 1:1 VTC, & you both have iOS/MacOS: FaceTime.
For 1:1 chat, 1:1 voice, group chat with friends: Signal.
For "slack-like" topic based groupchat: Keybase.
For group VTC, if you are a devops nerd: Jitsi Meet.
If you are a corp: AWS Chime.

TFW you find an unopened new-in-box webcam in your stash, when they are sold out everywhere, and your SO needs one for work and for socializing. :) <3

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At Amazon many of our meetings start with group silent reading of a PR/FAQ or a "6 page" narrative. Many teams are adopting a practice of turning off cameras during reading, then turning them on when you are ready to discuss. twitter.com/downey/status/1246

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there is no elite conspiracy, our elites are hapless losers

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On *every single issue* related to this crisis, the internet hive mind has been at least 3 weeks ahead of literally every institution we’re supposed to put our trust in, and it is so goddamned frustrating. twitter.com/nycmayor/status/12

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“Rich person donated x dollars? Who cares, their net worth is n! So that’s like me donating $87.”

- someone who has donated $0

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Video conferencing apps need a "freeze current video image" feature that each user can activate to skip over sips of coffee, awkward sneezes, cat intrusions, etc--better than "camera on," "camera off," or pre-loaded profile pic.

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For video teleconferences, use Chime.AWS. We do not resell your data. 250 people in a room. And it's gratis until the end of June.

Overheard during a technical postmortem: "is this a narcoleptic canary?".

People snarking "you're not REALLY working from home, you are just pretending during this crisis" are not helping. Plus, its not true. Stop it.

Most of Zoom’s engineering team is based in China. Conducting sensitive conversations on a platform vulnerable to data collection by the CCP should give pause to those concerned with protecting company or government secrets.

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DO NOT APOLOGISE WHEN YOUR PETS JUMP INTO THE FRAME ON ZOOM CALLS. Was just in a conference with the CEOs of a major US org and Muffin jumped on my lap and the whole conversation stopped, IS THAT A CAT, SHOW ME THE CAT!
Everyone needs cats in these trying times.

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