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@davesayslol@twitter.com @NewYorker@twitter.com @slatestarcodex@twitter.com “Controversial “ = didn’t stick to orthodoxy, aka can think for himself

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"Eventually people start disbelieving in the wolf. Sometime later, they may start rooting for the wolf."

A lot of the breakthroughs in mathematics and in physics and in computer science is the realization that there its a lot of complex somethings in the structure of "nothing".

I've always preferred the friendship of my co-conspirators over the adulation of the crowd.

But then, I've never experienced the adulation of the crowd and the approval of the public, so what do I know?

“In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

George Orwell didn't say it. But it's still true.

New toy: a Bock #6 Titanium Nib. Feedback feels like a high quality pencil, weird and fun.

I learned nothing new about SlateStarCodex from the New Yorker article, but I did learn more about the target readership of the New Yorker.

I will always stop clapping first. Mainly because I won't start.

I have been making a habit of in emails and IMs delimiting URLs with "squarebracket space", like so: [ keybase.io/fallenpegasus ], too many experiences of a trailing punctuation mangling the URL. I recommend it.

I *never* honestly answer the "what is the name of your first pet" style questions when setting up an account. I generate a random string of N words.

Dear internet: How do rich and famous people keep themselves out of data broker databases? Asking for a friend.

"Things should be this way."
Things are not that way. Show me how they can work under your assumptions and ideals.
Otherwise, next.

I just "reminded myself" (by looking at old favourites) that last year Twitter announced they were working on a decentralized version of their protocol.

We are 7 months after that annoucement and, so far, not a pip about it.

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I imagine that for people who got their start in software development in @OpenStack@twitter.com, it's quite the jolt when they dip their toes into some other project where "docs or it didn't happen" just isn't a thing.

"Wait what you got this merged without a decent amount of docs?"

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Interior design hit high points in the Arts&Crafts, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco, and then went completely to shit afterwards. Even still today, interior design is really good only when it's retro, to being a better execution of a better past.

"End Qualified Immunity" needs to be the new "Carthago Delenda Est"

Just to check in: End Qualified Immunity. End Civil Forfeiture. End No-Knock Warrants. Strip their unions of all involvement with internal investigations, discipline, firing, and legal defense. Make them buy individual practice insurance, like doctors do.

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Who decided to call the robo-plane a 'drone' and the buzzing insect a 'botfly'?

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"This is your problem, not reality's, and the sooner you realize the happier you will be."

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