I just got a ping from a fact checker for WSJ-Tokyo, about my fondness for Yamaroku soy sauce. Looking at my own shopping history, I paid $22.99 for 100ml in March, and the price is now $10.96. Yay for consumer price deflation! amzn/B07LDSV9CH

Youtube, Google, widespread account terminations 

Killing snoopvertising adtech isn't an unintended side effect of a good privacy law. It's the PURPOSE of such a law. If it kills the 3rd party data broker industry too, that's a double win.

Every time you type "import" you give dozens to thousands of random developers commit access to your project. Test everything. Trust nothing.

today I asked a master of naming antipatterns for a name for the practice of naming directories in an evolving project after version numbers, instead of just using the VCS. His answer: "clutternaming".

QoTD: “To be humble is to take specific actions in anticipation of your own errors. To confess your fallibility and then do nothing about it is not humble; it is boasting of your modesty.”

today i learned: Eugene M. Stoner met Mikhail T. Kalashnikov in 1990, and they immediately became friends

Anyone who works in infosec who does not know what simjacking is should be fired. For cause.

My desk at work has been relo'ed to the 30th floor. Maybe someday I will take the stairs up in the morning. But that day is not today.

SMS is not even as private as a postcard. It's as private as using the public address loudspeakers in a stadium full of people who hate you.

Turns out “On Being Sane in Insane Places” was a fraud. Yet another famous high impact paper that rewrote public policy turned to be a lie. nypost.com/2019/11/02/stanford

Some years ago at a previous job, I got an email directing me to a link to training about avoiding phishing security attacks. Because all the training had been outsourced and then the outsourcer themselves outsourced the work, all the email headers, from addresses, the link URL, and executable contents of the training itself all failed it's own guidelines for avoiding phishing attacks.

wishing I was at ToorCon, but I'm already slammed at dayjob after being out of office for 2 weeks.

I started reading "Parahumans: Worm" yesterday afternoon. It was a willpower struggle to not stay up all night reading.

Open Source Summit EU now done for the year. Once again, I have a notebook of things to follow up on. Next year: back to Dublin. When will it be Vienna?

“gaffe”: “when a politician says what he really thinks”

Interesting: the Gnome Foundation is countersuing the patent troll that sued them. Now the troll can't just walk away.

The way to secure Linux: use Debian, update the kernel daily, reboot daily. Maybe weekly.

The only purpose of "read receipt" for non-work messaging is to cause social anxiety and to increase usage.

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